Hello All!

I am very excited to be sharing this new adventure with all of you.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Rosemary Rojas; I am just a Venezuelan girl that belongs to Florida for over 20 years and who is in love with traveling.

Since I was a little girl, the passion to travel was in my veins. My parents were both involved in the travel industry, My dad a commercial pilot and my mom a graduate from Hospitality and Hotelier management, they both started me on traveling and exploring at a young age.

My Passion for traveling took me to work in the hospitality industry, and I am a certified travel agent.

The idea of Glam Vacay Insider came from wanting to design vacations for others and motivate them by sharing my insider tips, adventures, and experiences so we can all go out there and explore this beautiful world.

I am very close to My family; they are my drive and inspiration. One of my favorite things to do is to travel with my Hubby and my family. I love taking new adventures and exploring new Countries with them. I am also a fashion aficionado and a photography lover.

I hope that through Glam Vacay Insider I can get you to travel more!

Thank you for following along on this adventure ride.